Creation of an Unfolding High-Fidelity Simulation: Increasing Critical Thinking Skills in Nursing Students




Pennington, Hannah

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Clinically-based high-fidelity simulation scenarios challenge nursing students and contribute to the development of critical thinking skills, which are necessary for the safe management of patient care and clinical decision making. In the wake of limited clinical site spots for students, simulation offers students the ability to practice skills as well as work through their thought processes in a safe environment with faculty assistance nearby if needed. This project outlines the development of a high-fidelity acute asthma exacerbation simulation scenario, including an implementation guide, evaluation checklists, and a debriefing guide, constructed to help determine the impact of an unfolding simulation on critical thinking skills in nursing students. To optimize realism, interprofessional collaborative efforts were carried out to include registered nurses, a pharmacist, and a physician in the scenario development and review. The next steps involve piloting the simulation with faculty and students before progressing the project to a research study. (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Cecilia Elaine Wilson)


Creative Arts and Research Symposium