Women's perceptions of the relationship between neuromuscular integrative action (NIA) and their body, mind, and spirit




Perez, Jessica Hall

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Neuromuscular Integrative Action (NIA), has been a promising, yet nameless, element of the holistic fitness paradigm. Holistic fitness offers a unique approach in the understanding of women, as whole persons, through movement. This pilot study was conducted to establish an awareness of women's perceptions of NIA in relation to their body, mind, and spirit. A convenience sample of 32 women participated in this exploration by completing a survey developed for this research. Analysis of the data revealed that women have a high, positive perception of their body, mind, and spirit in relation to their participation in NIA classes. As well, the raw data, established from the qualitative question, unveiled themes of body, mind, spirit, quality of life, and sense of self, which denoted positive perceptions in relation to the participation in NIA.



Health education, Women's studies, Physiological psychology, Social sciences, Education, Psychology, Action, Body, Integrative, Mind, Neuromuscular, Women