Caregiving Baby Boomer men: An exploration of the impact of discrimination on psychological distress and caregiving roles




Nardecchia, Angela

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In order to further current understanding of the diversity and complexity of caregivers, this study examined the relationship between Baby Boomer men s perceptions of discrimination based on their current caregiving roles and their psychological distress. Aspects of caregiving roles assessed included hours a week providing care and assistance providing activities of daily living. Additionally, the study examined the use of respite and perceptions of social support on psychological distress. Using Mechanical Turk and Facebook to recruit participants, a sample of 154 men participated in the online survey. The results of a multiple regression analysis indicated that this cohort of men reported both psychological distress and discrimination, yet discrimination did not impact distress or caregiving roles. There was also no evidence that access to respite and social support moderated psychological distress for caregiving men. While none of the hypotheses were fully supported, the current research contributes to understanding the amount and diversity of caregiving that Baby Boomer men are providing. Avenues for potential future research were discussed.



Social sciences, Caregiving, Discrimination, Feminist gerontology