Combating World Issues with Lab Grown Food




Grimaldi, Karla G.
Canales, Natalie
Wilson, TaMia
Miles, Jaelyn
Short, Grace

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As we face issues such as world hunger and a debilitating environment, new solutions such as lab-grown foods have offered an opportunity to combat these issues. What are lab grown foods? Lab grown food is flesh grown outside of an animal’s body. Because the cells that are made to create the food are not always modified, they are not considered a GMO. Lab grown food is more eco-friendly compared to regular meat and dairy as it eliminates the need for livestock. This new solution created in order to combat consumption issues provides many new job opportunities and is an environmentally friendly option that may provide food to those around the world struggling in poverty or hunger. Because of these reasons, lab-grown has created an opportunity to end hunger and grow as we grow. With research, integrating lab grown foods could aid in solving some of our food-consumption issues.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium