Influence of one or more domestic relocations on adolescent social skills perceived by former military parents



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The purpose of this research was to describe the experiences of former military parents regarding their adolescent’s social skills associated with one or more military domestic relocation. Specifically, the study highlighted the effect of domestic relocations on military adolescents’ social skills through the parents’ perspective. In addition, this study was designed using Bowen’s Family Theory and Erickson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development Theory. Interviews were used to discover the research questions that guided this study: “What past experiences occurred involving social skills in adolescents before and after a military domestic relocation” and “How would additional social skills education benefit adolescents in military families?” Seven veterans and spouses, 41 years of age and older, shared their perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs regarding military adolescents’ social skills. Emerging themes were anxiety, community, adaptability, availability, and make a difference. Previous research supports findings that emphasize military adolescents’ social skills that indicate the importance of adapting behaviors. Suggestions are provided for overcoming barriers and future research.



Veterans, Military adolescents, Social skills, Military relocations, Former military parents