Predictors of Burnout for Women of Color Therapists



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The purpose of this study is to address the unique experiences of workplace burnout for women of color who are therapists. There is limited research conducted that addresses the interplay between racial discrimination and the experience of burnout for this population. Historically, women of color have unique cultural backgrounds and intersecting stressors that may contribute to workplace burnout in their careers as therapists distinctively. Despite the domination of women in the field of clinical and counseling psychology, women, and women of color more specifically, still experience barriers to their education and careers. Exploration of unique experiences of burnout for this population may contribute to building a better understanding of how racial discrimination can impact therapists’ work with their clients, colleagues, and work environments. This current study recruited forty-one participants who were Black, Latinx, or Multiracial therapists who identify as women and have held full licensure as a Master’s level counselor or psychologist for two years. Results from this study were examined to explore direct and indirect relationships between racial discrimination and the effects of burnout for this population. The findings of this study uniquely examine past year racial discrimination and workplace burnout for women of color therapists.



Psychology, Clinical, Psychology, General