Asian and Asian American music therapists’ experiences with racism, discrimination, xenophobia, and microaggressions: A convergent parallel mixed methods study

December 2023
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The purpose of this mixed methods study was to understand experiences of racism, discrimination, xenophobia, and microaggressions Asian and Asian American music therapists may experience in the field. A total of 25 participants completed the survey and five participants completed the interview. Respondents from the survey noted experiencing aspects of racism throughout their academic training and various workplaces. Six themes emerged through data analysis using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). A similarity from both data sets is aspects of racism can happen anywhere and at any point in a music therapists’ training and career. A difference between the data sets was the general feelings of acceptance or belonging as an Asian or Asian American and as a music therapist. A need exists for more research surrounding Asian and Asian American music therapists’ experiences and how experiencing racism affects their identity, sense of belonging, and value to the field, especially post COVID-19.

Music Therapy