Augmented reality in the secondary education classroom: Teachers’ visions




Figueroa, Jorge
Sampedro, Begoña
Marín-Díaz, Verónica

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Bastas Publications


The advancement of emerging technologies in the classroom is a reality, however, the vision that teachers may have of them is essential in order for these to be incorporated. Using this as a foundation, this article’s main objective is to know the vision thatsecondary education (SE) teachers have of the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in teaching at that educational level. Through a descriptive correlational quantitative study, an ex-post facto design, and an ad-hoc questionnaire of 39 items, (N=350 teachers), this objective has been corroborated. The main conclusion that has been reached is that SE teachers consider AR as an element that will cause a change in the student’s learning methodology making it more autonomous and experiential. In addition, the teachers will need more training with AR, lower costs, and greater availability of resources to carry out the teaching process with greater ease.


Article originally published in Contemporary Educational Technology, 14(2). English. Published Online 2022.


Secondary education, Professor, Augmented reality, Emergent technologies


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