Trans Accessible Libraries Initiative




Leuzinger, Julie
Condrey, Coby

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Current research highlights some of the barriers to information that transgender individuals face. Moreover, their needs are significantly different from others in the LGBQ+ community. According to the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey, “nearly one quarter (24%) of people who were out or perceived to be transgender in college or vocational school were verbally, physically, or sexually harassed.” Given that this population is hidden unless self-identified, the Trans Accessible Libraries Initiative at the University of North Texas Libraries used findings documented in recent studies addressing information seeking behaviors of transgender persons and their perceptions of the library to provide more equitable access to their services and collections. This presentation will share the needs assessment, collection development process, promotion and outreach, and next steps related to this initiative in hopes that other libraries can modify them to serve marginalized populations in their communities.