Health information sources that deafened adults with high perceived risk of cancer trust and use: A pilot study




Hinson-Enslin, Amanda M.
Massey-Stokes, Marilyn

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Understanding health‐information seeking behaviors (HISB) can help guide health interventions to improve health and well‐being, particularly among special populations and those with high perceived cancer risk (HPCR). Little is known about the HISB of deafened adults with HPCR; therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine: HISB of deafened adults with HPCR, which HI sources deafened adults with HPCR trust, and whether there is a relationship between deafened adults with HPCR and their HISB. Data from the Health Information National Trends Survey 4 Cycle 3 were analyzed. Results revealed that participants first sought HI from the internet and then from healthcare professionals. Nevertheless, participants reported that their most trusted HI sources were doctors. There was no significant relationship between PCR status and degree of trust in HI sources. Healthcare professionals and health educators should be culturally sensitive and provide accessible HI for the deafened population, including those with HPCR


Creative Arts and Research Symposium


HISB, Health literacy, HPCR