A field test of computer assisted instruction on fetal alcohol syndrome

Garver, Carolyn
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The purpose of the study was to determine the changes in attitudes about alcohol among students attending a medical school in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex before and after the use of computer assisted instruction (CAI) on fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Data were collected on a group of 30 medical students. The group was administered the Substance Abuse Attitude Survey (SAAS) before and after viewing a CAI on FAS to assess their attitudes about the use of alcohol. These attitudes would ultimately have a future effect on the medical students delivery of effective patient education. Data were collected on five dimensions of clinical attitudes towards substance abuse and its treatment, pre- and post-test scores which included permissiveness, non-stereotype, treatment intervention, treatment optimism, and non-moralism, and information about the usefulness of the educational information, evaluation of the CAI, and the participants plans to further utilize the educational information for patient education. A comparison of the pre- and post-test scores was determined using a t-test, which indicated no statistical difference in the scores. Fifty-three percent of the participants stated the CAI would be useful to them. More than half of the participants had positive attitudes toward the CAI, and 63% of the participants stated they would use a product of this type for future patient education.

Health and environmental science, Education, Substance abuse attitude survey