Faking it to make it: Assistant principals' perspectives on educational leadership preparation




Gray, Emily

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The purpose of the study was to better understand the roles and responsibilities of beginning assistant principals and to anticipate how schools and preparation programs might foster the development and retention of newly-hired assistant principals. Researchers used qualitative research techniques for collecting data. Data collection methods included the use of online reflective journal entries and focus groups. The study consisted of three focus group meetings and four online reflective journals. Participating in the study were seven, first year assistant principals. Based upon the data, universities can better prepare graduate students for the field by focusing instruction on more managerial tasks such as discipline, controversial conversations, and time management. Research also suggested that school districts could better prepare assistant principals by providing support systems and resources for novice leaders. Finally, the research calls for collaboration efforts between universities and school districts for better preparation and retention of assistant principals.



Assistant school principals, School management and organization, Employee retention