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    How Student-Teacher Relationships Influence School Climate: A Literature Review
    (TWU Research Symposium, 2014-04) Larson, Amy
    Student-teacher relationships contribute to the phenomenon of school climate (Fan, Williams, & Corkin, 2011; Lee, 2012; Thapa, Cohen, Guffey, & Higgins-D’Alessandro, 2013). A considerable amount of research has focused on factors having an effect on school climate. This study examines the research literature addressing student-teacher relationships, student perceptions of school climate, and effective teaching styles while identifying how these factors affect school climate. A database search and a hand search were completed to identify and select articles focusing on aspects of student-teacher relationships and how they affect school climate. Findings suggest student perceptions, gender, race, disability, and family risk factors to be influences on student-teacher relationships, in turn, influencing school climate. Implications for educators and future research are also discussed.