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    Running a Virtual System Conference: University Libraries Unite!
    (2021) Shea, Michelle
    Texas A&M librarians had a vision for a virtual conference that could unite university system libraries across the state. It was determined that representatives from different campuses would assemble to plan this endeavor by utilizing web conferencing software, Google applications, and email chains to collaborate from afar. We scheduled regular meetings, formed subcommittees, and built work products to create a successful conference that any librarians or library staff in the system could present at and attend. As we are currently planning the second year of this event, we have built upon what we learned last year to create a more adaptable and autonomous experience for future committee members.
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    Cataloging for Makerspaces
    (2021) Sassen, Catherine; Robson, Diane; Yanowski , Kevin
    Makerspace items may be difficult for library users to find if they are not fully cataloged. Cataloging not only facilitates discovery but also provides information needed to track usage, create programming, generate recommendations, and support collection development. Attend this poster presentation for an overview of descriptive and subject cataloging for makerspace items.
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    Be a Utility Player
    (2021) Dunlap, Heather
    This is my twentieth year working for the Dallas ISD, but my first year as a school librarian. Until now, I was a classroom teacher in several different areas. I have earned distinctions, won awards and brought programs back from the dead, but a few years back, I needed a new challenge. Enter librarian school. I was hired at the middle school right down the street from the high school where I had been working, and I walked in on a mission. I wanted to make myself completely indispensable. In the middle of a pandemic, how did I become an MVP on my campus and the kind of employee that my administration says they just can’t live without? I will talk about the goals I set, big and small, and the ways I have made myself useful while sneaking in library advocacy and promoting library programs.