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    Birth Trauma Vulnerability Survey Data
    (2023) Parker, Melody
    The following de-identified survey responses were used for reliability analysis. Upon IRB approval at Texas Woman’s University, researcher Melody Parker collected responses using Psychdata. Additional information about questions and scoring is available by emailing
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    Working Memory, Attention, and Processing Speed Predict Academic Achievement
    (2015-11-05) Jones, Alicia; Spurgin, Angelia; Miller, Daniel; Maricle, Denise E.
    The purpose of this study was to determine if the relationship among working memory, attention, and processing speed differentially contributes to areas of academic achievement (i.e., reading, writing, mathematics, and oral language). It has been found that working memory, attention, and processing speed often influence each other (Baddeley, 2003; Burns, Nettelbeck, & McPherson, 2009; Vergauwe, Camos, & Barrouillet, 2014). The literature also suggests that working memory, attention, and processing speed differentially impact various areas of academic achievement (Kail, 2007; Miller, 2013). A study conducted by Fournier (2014) indicated a significant relationship between working memory and attention that was predictive of other cognitive processes. The current study focused on the collective impact of all three neurocognitive constructs on academic achievement to determine if similar results would be observed.