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    CTLC 2020 - Poster Presentations
    CTLC 2020 - Virtual poster presentations
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    Diving in, flipping a Workshop from In-person to Virtual, fast!
    (2020) DeZouche, Elizabeth; Villareal, Cindy
    Before COVID-19 came to the United States, the Texas A&M International University’s (TAMIU) Sue & Radcliffe Killam Library had planned on having an in-person RefWorks Workshop for the TAMIU community. The workshop was designed in collaboration between the Killam Library and the TAMIU Advancing Research and Curriculum (ARC) Initiative. Then COVID-19 came requiring many, like us, to switch all teaching and learning to the virtual environment. In under a month we turned plans for an in-person workshop into a two-session virtual webinar. Without teamwork, collaboration, and many virtual meetings this initiative would have been a failure. Dive in with us to hear our tips and see how we pulled off flipping our in-person workshop to a virtual webinar success.
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    Scavenger Hunts, Zoom & Trolls: Lessons Learned from Virtual Outreach
    (2020) Brents, Madison
    The Research and Engagement team of Willis Library aims to connect with students through fun and educational outreach events. The sudden closure of the library due to Coronavirus complicated this mission. To overcome the distance, the Graduate Services Assistant Outreach Coordinator, in collaboration with other GSAs and the Student Engagement Librarian, implemented several virtual outreach events. These events utilized Zoom’s video conferencing technology and aimed to be entertaining while also promoting the library’s virtual reference services.
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    Launching a Chat Reference Service Amid a Global Pandemic
    (2020) Diaz, Sarah
    The University of North Texas Libraries’ live chat service launched March 18, 2020 –ahead of schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic The service was developed and implemented by a team made up of six graduate students (GSAs) in the Access Services Department, supervised by the Student Engagement Librarian.
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    Disaster Relief in an Academic Library Archives
    (2020) Barera, Michael; Livingston, Preston
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    Five Years of First-Year Composition: A Librarian Reflects
    (2020) Whitmer, Susan
    Five Years of First-Year Composition: A Librarian Reflects, is an academic librarian’s review of teaching information literacy to English composition classes. The reflections are based on classroom instruction, worksheet assessments, and student feedback. The goal of this study is to share pedagogical information with new instruction librarians and to create connections with first-year faculty.