Women supporting women: Using the 5 Anchors of Impact as a tool for uplifting women leaders




Trujillo-Jenks, Laura
Fredrickson, Rebecca

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Texas Council of Women School Executives (TCWSE)


It is somewhat saddening to visit a restaurant that serves lobster and see the uncovered tank of lobsters. The idea is to promote that the lobster is fresh, but the uncovered tank also demonstrates another, more fearsome concept. The tank is open but the lobsters do not escape. The reason being is that if one lobster starts to make an escape from the tank, the other lobsters will pull them back into the tank (Botteril, 2017). Applying this metaphor to women, sadly, the same can often be seen. As women work to succeed or rise within leadership positions, they are pulled back down by other women. This is referred to as the Lobster Syndrome.


Article originally published in Journal of Texas School Women Executives, 8(1), 68–75. English. Published online 2023. https://issuu.com/tasanet/docs/jtwse23
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Sustained leadership models, Lobster Syndrome, Women in leadership


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