Dietary resource information for the oncology patient: Tips and tools




Madsen, Lydia, T.
Cesario, Sandra

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Journal of the Advanced Practitioner in Oncology


Oncology patients frequently request information about diet, exercise, and a healthy living approach during and after cancer treatment. Although a consultation with a registered dietitian is often the recommendation for patients in large multidisciplinary centers, a same-day consult may not always be available. Alternatively, patients might locate diet recommendations by an Internet search, retrieving diet or supplement information that may not follow established optimal health guidelines.

The advanced practitioner is often the most appropriate and available individual able to provide diet and exercise resources and education for patients who request information or require guidance on best practices during treatment. The following information is provided as a concise resource list of books, websites, topics that oncology patients frequently ask about, and briefs that comprehensively address diet and exercise as they pertain to the oncology patient. They each meet the criteria of being readily available to the community and in language that is written for the layperson. There are many additional resources available; this list has been compiled as a small representative sampling of current, scientifically based, patient-directed information to begin or augment a healthful living approach.


Article originally published by Journal of the Advanced Practitioner in Oncology, 3(1). English. Published 2012.
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Optimal health guidelines, Patient-directed information, Healthful living approach


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