Understanding basic writers: An integrated approach to basic writing instruction




Martin, Debbie L.

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"An Integrated Approach to the Teaching of Basic Writing" is a course based on a compilation of research performed by professionals in a variety of disciplines. It is based on the premise that the act of writing involves many different yet interrelated systems. For the basic writer, one who struggles unsuccessfully with the skills and conventions of written communication, using techniques that exploit the organic nature of writing promotes the cognitive connections necessary for success.

The course offered here acknowledges the dual function of writing in the classroom. Writing's relationship to learning is one of expression and design. It is a way to demonstrate knowledge as well as a way to learn. Students stand to gain the most when asked to use writing as a way to find meaning and as a way to express what they know. This study also examines the nature of the basic writer and focuses on contributing factors such as egocentricity and cultural influences. This related approach to writing instruction recognizes the unique nature of the learner and maintains an optimistic persistence in applying theory to successful classroom strategies.



Curricula, Teaching, Language Arts, Education