An historical survey of wood-carving from the Gothic period until the present day: The design and execution of the wood-carving on the furniture in the Little-Chapel-In-The-Woods, Texas State College for Women, Denton, Texas




Culwell, Billie Marie

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This thesis is composed of two parts: first, a brief historical survey of wood-carving; and second, the design and execution of the wood-carving on the pulpit, lectern, and pews in the Little-Chapel-in-the-Woods. The production of wood-carving has been so extensive that the survey is limited, except for a brief introduction, to carving from the Gothic period to the present day. The evolution and the achievements in the field of wood-carving are traced in relation to varying cultures; and only the carving of the countries which lead in the development of the various styles of carving is included. From the historical survey the writer was enabled to recognize the basic principles and practices which seem fundamental to the art of wood-carving. These are the fundamentals which have grown out of the limits and requirements inherent in the material and the tools as they affect the approach, the importance of function in determining the form of the carving, the effect of light and distance on the surface of the carving, and the basic universal principles of design as applied to this form of expression . With this study as a background the writer was able to meet with greater understanding the problem of designing and executing the wood-carving on the furniture in the Chapel .


Woodwork, Gothic architecture, Wood-carving