Differences in lower extremity neuromuscular activation between overground and treadmill walking




Orozco, Elizabeth
Rosario, Martin G.

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Treadmills are utilized for gait training due to having similar benefits as overground walking. Yet, the distinctions in neuromuscular activation remain unexplored. Therefore, this study aims to compare lower extremity (LE) muscle activation during overground walking (GW) and treadmill walking (TW). We enrolled ten healthy young adults who walked on both surfaces, GW and TW (two trials each). Muscle activation was recorded using electromyography under both walking conditions for the following muscles: tibialis anterior, gastrocnemius, gluteus maximus, and gluteus medius. The findings indicated the gastrocnemius was significantly less active in TW than GW (p<0.001). Also, the average amplitude of all muscles except the tibialis anterior was greater during GW than TW. Undeniably, TW can lead to minor neuromuscular modifications in LE musculature and is recommended for patients with LE weakness. Further investigation is needed to determine the impact of dual-task and treadmill inclination on muscle activation during TW.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium