What is ACUE -- and why do I want to get on board?




Waltje, Jorg

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Do you want to learn how to engage underprepared students, embrace diversity in your classroom, provide useful feedback and more? Then this course is for you! Find out about foundational teaching practices that will enable you to create an optimal environment to support learning—including how to increase student engagement, embrace diversity, and help students persist in meeting academic challenges.

This presentation will give you an insight into the full ACUE course and will hopefully encourage you to consider participating in this outstanding opportunity for professional development. If you are selected for the TWU cohort, you can participate at no cost to you or your department. Watch this presentation to find out about the application process and to hear from former participants how ACUE not only improved their teaching, but also their overall academic life, their sense of belonging, and their connection to colleagues within and beyond the boundaries of our institution.

You can find additional info at https://twu.edu/cfe/acue-certification/ (copy and paste the link in your browser, or see hyperlink below).


2021 Teaching and Learning Symposium