Cardiovascular Responses in Physically Elderly Active People Living with HIV




Rosario, Martin G.
Kidwell, McKenzie
Nelson, Nicole

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Cardiovascular system (CVS) problems are one of the various complications in people living with HIV (PLHIV). In PLHIV, the CVS' capacity to adapt to activities is inadequate. Purpose: To distinguish the responses of the CVS to a step test in physically active PLHIV. Results: Significant differences between resting HR and HR after the step test were identified, while there was no significant difference between recovery HR and HR at 76% capacity. Additionally, all cardiovascular measurements were significantly higher than the recovery heart rate. Conclusion: It appears that physically active participants are experiencing some degree of autonomic dysfunction. However, physical activity seems to help slow down common CV effects.




Rosario, M. G., Kidwell, M., & Nelson, N. (2023). Cardiovascular responses in physically elderly active people living with HIV. Journal of Public Health Issues and Practices, 7(2).