A content analysis of 10 scholarly journals from 2007-2017: What has been written about long term African American married couples



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The purpose of this study was to examine what has been written about long term African American marriages in 10 selected scholarly journals. Marriages greatly impact multiple domains and relationships in the African American community. There is a multitude of marital research in many social science fields. However, there is a lack of literature as it specifically relates to African American long-term couples. Due to the lack of literature in this field it would benefit social science professionals, especially family therapists, to learn more about these relationships. In this study the researcher utilized a quantitative and qualitative approach to explore the literature, identifying themes found in the journal articles. The major themes discovered were Spirituality, Cultural issues, Equity, and Family. The Journal of Black Studies had the largest number of articles on the topic with 4 of 3,877 (0.00103%) articles being relevant to the research topic. Recommendations for future research were suggested.



African American marriage, African American couples, Black marriage, Black couples