Copyright & the Preservation of Video Collections in Libraries




Dewitt-Miller, Erin
Guerrero, Steven
Duke, Lindsay

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This session will include an overview of Section 108(c) of the Copyright Act which addresses preservation of audiovisual material in library collections. It will also provide an introduction to the Academic Libraries Video Trust (ALVT), a crucial tool created to address issues of the preservation of Section 108 material. A brief summary of an extensive ongoing review of the UNT Media Library collection of VHS for Section 108 status will also be discussed. Section 108 is especially relevant to libraries with VHS collections. Preservation and continued access to the material on VHS is a crucial issue, as much of this content has never been released to other formats and is therefore in danger of being lost entirely. The Academic Library Video Trust (ALVT) is a shared repository for videos protected under Section 108. Member institutions can upload or access replacement copies of audiovisual material that falls within the guidelines of Section 108 (deteriorating, obsolete, and unavailable for purchase). The UNT Libraries are a Founding Benefactor Institution of ALVT and the UNT Media Library has been working to preserve at-risk items in its VHS collection and share them via ALVT since 2018. Evaluating each title for preservation led to the identification of hundreds of unique and valuable at-risk titles eligible for digitization.


Presented at CTLC 2020