Relationship of total body bone mineral density to fat mass, lean tissue mass, body weight, and calcium intake in normal weight, prepubertal children




Kruse, Jenifer

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The relationship of total body bone mineral density (TBM.D) to fat mass (FM), lean tissue mass (L TM), body weight, and calcium intake was examined in 40 normalweight (lOth - 90th percentile for weight) children, aged 6-10.5 years. Dual energy X -ray absorptiometry (DXA) was utilized to measure TBMD, FM, LTM, and abdominal FM. Extended research analysis was petformed for body fat analysis. Parents completed a seven-day food diary for each child. Food diaries were analyzed for nutrient content utilizing Nutritionist IV. Spearman rank order was used to determine the relationship between the tested variables. TBMD was strongly and positively associated with L TM (.81) and fat-free (FFM) (.79). TBMD was moderately and positively associated with weight(. 75), FM (.54), and abdominal FM (.47). TBMD was weakly and positively associated with calcium intake (.28). These results indicate that L TM and FFM are strong determinants of peak TBMD in prepubertal children.



Calcium, Bones growth, Body weight, Bone cells