The effectiveness of a web-based stress management intervention program for reducing burnout and stress in registered nurses working in high-risk labor and delivery units


December 2023

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According to the literature, the high level of stress experienced by nurses is one of the leading causes of burnout in the profession (Shah et al., 2020). Long-term stress could hurt hospitals by making nurses unhappy, tired, underperforming, or considering leaving. Potentially detrimental results include lengthened hospital stays, increased incidences of medical errors, diminished health outcomes, and diminished levels of patient satisfaction (Schlak et al., 2021). Though there is a lot of research related to the stress nurses feel, there is a gap in the literature about how stress management strategies affect nurses' feelings of stress and burnout. Specific plans are needed to help nurses in high-risk labor and delivery settings deal with stress and avoid burnout. This study observed how a web-based stress management program assists nurses working in high-risk labor and deliver patient care settings feel less stressed and less burned out. This randomized controlled study included three online questionnaires and participation in the web-based BREATHE: Stress Management for Nurses program. One hundred and nine nurses from Texas and California working in high-risk labor and delivery units participated in this study. The Nursing Stress Scale (NSS) measured how stressed-out nurses thought they were. In addition, nurses' levels of burnout were measured using the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI). The outcomes of the research showed that there is a significant positive relationship between stress management and burnout with the usage of the BREATHE program. As this study's results indicated, participants who accessed the program showed an improvement in six of the seven subscales of the NSS and two of the three subscales of the MBI.



Stress and burnout experienced by nurses. Web-based stress management programs