The impact of climate change on African American communities



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African American communities are experiencing the serious effects of climate change on a nationwide level. The researcher examines in detail the hardships which have been endured by the African American community, including the degradation of their environment, health, economic stability, and general well-being. These concerns remain an ongoing issue because African Americans are without a voice on the national stage. This study aims to verify that climate change, whether caused by natural or human means, has had a significant impact on African American communities. Change is required to promote environmental equality for all who have suffered from, and continue to be affected by, the aftermath of natural disasters. This thesis will identify what climate change is and how it originated in order to understand the effects it has had on society, particularly African Americans. This study will identify the criticism of climate change that disregard climate change is part of the problem. The study will research other global experiences with addressing climate change of regions that have similar problems to those of African American communities in the United States. The purpose of the researcher’s stance is to understand what the United States can extract, gain, and lose. The study will argue that the focus of the United States government is not on climate change or its effects on minority communities. On the contrary, the effects of climate change in the community are downplayed by the media, not taken seriously, or not addressed to the extent they should be. At present, the struggle for addressing this problem remains the responsibility of local communities that still need more political and governmental support. To test this hypothesis, due to the COVID-19 quarantine, an online survey was taken from a national poll of one thousand African Americans to capture their responses regarding the effects of climate change. The researcher also used graphs and research studies conducted by other institutes to support the hypothesis that African American communities are disproportionately affected by climate change. These results suggest that climate change does impact the African American community, and that without the U.S. government enacting effective climate change policy, the problems are likely to persist. African American communities can only rely on non-profit organizations to help their communities deal with the consequences of climate change and to promote change and equality when disaster strikes.



Climate change