Couples' experiences facing prostate cancer: Relational distress, communication, and sexual dysfunction




McDaniel, Kristin

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The purpose of this qualitative study was to evaluate the relationship between prostate cancer and relationship distress in couples. The study produced several themes that answered the three research questions. Six couples participated in a face to face interview. Themes identifying communication were as follows, (1) positive healthy communication and (2) communication issues. Themes identifying gender differences were, (1) gender differences in distress. Several themes were identified for how couples experience distress some of them include, (1) distressing emotions, (2) medical and treatment side effects, (3) maintaining normalcy, (4) lack of support from medical providers and several others. Findings were similar to those found in other studies; however, it was found that couples find it important to advocate to others. It was also found that couples experience gender differences when looking at distress.



Social sciences, Health and environmental sciences, Communication, Couples, Prostate cancer, Relational distress, Sexual dysfunction