Using the 5 Anchors of Impact in unpredictable times




Trujillo-Jenks, Laura
Fredrickson, Rebecca R.

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Texas Council of Women School Executives (TCWSE)


The 5 Anchors of Impact are the right tools that can help educators understand how to navigate the challenges that may be thrown at them. Especially after the year of COVID-19-19 restrictions and the unpredictable weather, it is clear that the 5 Anchors can be used to guide educators on how to be successful during these uncertain times. All educators, and teachers especially, have been affected by the past year’s challenges, and the many changes that have come to education are most likely going to stick. This means that a whole new paradigm of what education will look like including skills, ideals, and pedagogy that have not been taught in preparation courses or professional development will be the new expectation. Having the 5 Anchors as the foundation for moving forward with this new paradigm is imperative.


Article originally published inJournal of Texas School Women Executives, 7(1), 106–114. English. Published online 2022.
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5 Anchors, Teaching online, Challenging times


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