Parental perceptions of the transition to adulthood for their children with special needs




Gross, Megan
Manohar, Annamayil
Rose, Katherine K.

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We examined the concerns that parents of children with special needs have regarding their child’s transition from juvenile services to adult care. Specifically, we examined how demographic factors are related to parental stress levels, parental coping, and parental concern about their child with disabilities.

We were especially interested in whether the age of a child with disabilities and/or the amount of services received by that child predicted these parental outcomes. The concerns that most parents have about their child’s future success may be exacerbated if their child has cognitive, social, emotional, and/or physical deficiencies.

Understanding parent concerns is essential to providing appropriate care for the family as a whole. Through an anonymous survey on PsychData, we examined how child age, family demographics, and the amount of services received are related to parental stress, concern, and coping.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium - 2018