A concept analysis of balance




Byrne, Sarah
Grizzard, Laurie
Van Sell, Sharon

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Often used in all medical disciplines, balance has remained undefined as a concept in nursing science. Walker and Avant [1] developed a framework for concept analysis, used in analyzing the concept of balance in advanced practice nursing. The disciplines of physiotherapy and psychology have applied the concept of balance; however, nursing has not incorporated the concept of balance. The analysis of the concept of balance, therefore, included an operating definition and the following defining attributes of balance: (a) the human being; (b) the three parts making up the human being-the noetic, the physical, and the psyche; and (c) homeostasis. The goal of analyzing the concept of balance was for advanced practice nurses to incorporate the concept of balance into patient goals when diagnosing and providing care. Ideally, using the concept should result in optimal health and well-being for patients.


Article originally published in Journal of Nursing Education, 5(1). English. Published Online 2018. https://doi.org/10.15344/2394-4978/2018/281


Balance, Homeostasis, The human being, Optimal function


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