Student success in advanced academics: Identifiers and predictors



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Research indicates improved academic performance and higher college attendance rates for students participating in advanced courses in high school (Shaw et al., 2012). Advanced academic programs may also build human capital while preparing students for college by exposing them to higher level curriculum and teaching time management skills (Klopfenstein & Thomas, 2009). Unfortunately, due to the continued underrepresentation of minority and low-income students, these programs have developed reputations for being too exclusive (The Broad Report, 2013). Furthermore, it is argued that students capable of excelling in advanced academics courses fail to be appropriately identified as high achieving and do not participate. An expanded literature review will focus on the impact of access, student preparedness prior to enrollment in advanced classes, and the social-emotional needs of advanced students. As the two largest advanced academic programs, most data pertains to the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.



Advanced academics, Student success, Social emotional, Gifted and talented