Building an OER eBook: Lessons From a Student-Centered Collaboration




Wainscott, Sarah

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For some content and disciplines the transition to open access materials requires the development of extensive new resources, presenting a daunting task in terms of time commitment and scope. This presentation walks through a semester-long project of building an eBook in real-time with a cohort of diverse and interdisciplinary graduate students. The product created addressed an unmet need in the field, contributed to student ownership and application of content, while shaping the professional development of the instructor in unexpected ways. Lessons learned through the process are shared with participants to apply to their own journey in OER and include: The importance of “role release”, how to frame the discourse, following a logical progression, addressing learners with varied backgrounds, building knowledge and skills concurrently, and engaging students at the formative level. The session will include examples of successes and missteps, narrative feedback from the students, and an outline of recommended steps in taking on a similar project.