Promoting Community Inclusion and Participation for Individuals with Autism




Garcia, Natalie
Marlin, Angie

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A person’s community participation is driven by their sensory, communication, and social/behavioral factors. Increasing awareness of factors impacting participation also promotes health, wellness, and engagement for all people. Autism-friendly environments are compatible with the unique sensory, communication, and social/behavioral differences associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Much of ASD research has focused on “biology, brain function, and cognition;” however, according to Autism Policy Practice (2019), individuals with ASD “would prefer more research on aspects of day-today living, such as improving services and developing programs to enhance individuals’ life skills.” A holistic sensory, communication, and social/behavioral approach to community inclusion can minimize distress often accompanying participation for people with ASD. Identifying typical sensory, communication, and social struggles while conducting event and venue audits can enhance participation and engagement in community life.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium