A missing flexor digitorum brevis tendon and its relationship to sex and ancestry: Evaluation in Hispanic population




Quiñones-Rodriguez, Jailenne I.
Mantilla-Rosa, Cristian
Rodríguez, Félix
Villamil, Catalina I.
Fernández, Juan
González-Solá, Maryvi
Torres-Toro, Cristhian
Rosario, Martin G.

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Background: The flexor digitorum brevis tendon to the fifth digit is frequently absent, and this absence is typically an incidental discovery during dissection or surgical studies. This study aimed to assess the frequency of a missing flexor digitorum brevis tendon in a Hispanic population for the first time, the association between the absence of the flexor digitorum brevis tendon, variables such as sex and ethnicity, and the functional implications of an absent tendon.

Methods: Our sample consists of 30 cadavers whose feet were dissected and examined for the presence or absence of the digiti minimi tendon.

Results: We found no significant relationship between the presence or absence of the tendon to sex or ethnicity. However, due to a lack of significant effects on human ambulation from the absence of this tendon, and the ability of adjacent muscles to adapt to its absence, the absence of this tendon might become increasingly prevalent over time.

Conclusions: Knowledge of the frequency of flexor digitorum brevis variations concerning the demographic characteristics of patients would be of clinical importance for tendon repair, tendon transfer to correct deformities such as claw toe or hammer toe, or soft tissue reconstruction in foot surgery.


Article originally published in Anatomia, 1(2), 210–216. Published online 2022. https://doi.org/10.3390/anatomia1020021.


Flexor digitorum brevis, Anatomical variations, Claw toe deformity


This is a published version of an article that is available at https://doi.org/10.3390/anatomia1020021. Recommended citation: Quiñones-Rodriguez, J. I., Mantilla-Rosa, C., Rodríguez, F., Villamil, C. I., Fernández, J., González-Solá, M., Torres-Toro, C., & Rosario, M. G. (2022). A missing flexor digitorum brevis tendon and its relationship to sex and ancestry: Evaluation in Hispanic population. Anatomia, 1(2), 210–216. This item has been deposited in accordance with publisher copyright and licensing terms and with the author’s permission.