Womanism, work, and wealth: (Re)Framing the business administration contributions of Marie Thérèse “Coincoin” Métoyer and Henriette Delille



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Womanism, Work, and Wealth: (Re)Framing the Business Administration Contributions of Marie Thérèse “Coincoin” Métoyer and Henriette Delille analyzes the business administration contributions of Métoyer and Delille through a womanist lens. Métoyer and Delille were free during a time in the history of the Americas when women of African descent were generally identified as enslaved laborers. As women-of-color business professionals, their ability to control their own labor and identities (as free women of African descent) offers an alternative perspective on women of color’s experience in leadership and capitalism in the Americas. In this dissertation, I put Métoyer’s and Delille’s business contributions into conversation with Layli Maparyan’s strand of womanist theory to demonstrate the ways a womanist approach to business administration can enrich the practices of contemporary leaders. In so doing, I underscore the importance of Métoyer and Delille as active and vital business administration contributors in the Americas and offer lessons for both Business Administration and Women’s and Gender Studies scholars to consider.



Womanist theory, Business administration, Marie Therese, Coincoin, Henriette Delille