Experiential Learning Credit: SGA's Guide to Finding OER Courses




Canales, Beatrice

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Do you want to promote experiential learning credit to students who develop OER?

San Antonio College’s Experiential Learning Credit is utilized by staff and faculty to give students post-graduation credit for their OER awareness projects. The process is based on a marketable skills rubric that allows students to document the work they do in open education on campus.

Listen to a San Antonio College’s Student Government Association (SGA) open education student champion who developed an OER guide for other students to find OER courses in the registration portal. This student leader created a resource for their peers to find OER courses and the importance of OER courses to students. Learn from the experiences of an open education advocate who collaborated with the open education student champion to receive experiential credit for their work during the Spring 2024 semester. This collaboration bridges how student leadership work in open education could qualify for experiential credit on their AlamoExperience non-academic/co-curricular transcript.

Leave the presentation with a quick guide to see what kind of marketable skills are created when a student leader develops an OER for a community college campus.