Pedagogy, Art and Poetry: The Beautiful Side of Teaching

Monterrosa, Marcello
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The catalyst of ongoing, enduring, self-perpetuating cycles of learning becomes the highest form of expressive art. Memorable experiences, activities, and words can add the artistic aspect and heart to teaching. Carefully chosen poetry has the potential to engage readers’ minds to produce powerful emotional and sensory reactions (Myers, 1997). To a sampling and examination of the most recent and best practices research from Grant Wiggings, Alfie Khon, Robert J. Marzano and others, this presentation intends to introduce a collection of some original and existing poetry and expressive writing to define the art that surrounds the heart of teaching and learning process. Poems and expressive writings, mine and others, can help us relate to those human values that help us build rather than destroy each other, and give voice to the challenge and exhilaration of learning.

Poetry, Teaching, Art, Pedagogy, Poems, Education