Increasing awareness of sexually transmitted infection through education: A quality improvement initiative




Thompson, Dennia

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Each year it is estimated that millions of people are affected by sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Sexually transmitted infections are transmitted through sexual contact with an infected person through vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Untreated STIs can have a negative impact on a woman’s reproductive organs and can cause long-term health consequences. Effective interventions such as education to increase awareness of sexually transmitted infection can have a positive effect on decreasing the spread of these infections. The quality improvement (QI) initiative used existing evidence-based literature to educate the women who tested positive for an STI. The initiative was implemented over a 4-week timeframe in a women’s clinic (WC). A sample size of 100 women, 18 years and over, participated in the initiative. The data analysis for the standardized, evidence-based education demonstrated an increase in awareness among the women who participated in the initiative. The findings of the study reinforce the use of evidencebased education on STIs as a way to raise awareness.


Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Project


Sexually transmitted diseases, Sexually transmissible infections, STDs (Diseases), STIs (Sexually transmitted infections), STI in pregnancy, Venereal disease, STI prevention, STI education, Condoms