Using ChatGPT in Open Pedagogy: Two Professors Share their Experiences




Kelly, Alison
Clinton-Lisell, Virginia

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In this presentation, two professors will discuss the open pedagogy AI projects they collaborated with their students. One project addressed the lack of materials centering contributions from minoritized scholars in the history of psychology. In this project, students used ChatGPT to assist them in developing chapters about diverse pioneers in psychology and critically evaluated the accuracy of their ChatGPT output. These materials will be incorporated into future history of psychology courses. In the second project, students used ChatGPT to develop fictional vignettes about children with psychological disorders. The purpose of the assignment was to address the lack of materials beyond what is considered typical development in childhood. Students had the option to Creatively Commons license their vignettes for use in future child development courses. Both projects involved students providing reflections about their experiences using generative AI (or why they did not use generative AI if that was their choice) in creating these projects. For the chapter development assignment, feedback on the use of ChatGPT was mostly positive. Most students were fearful about using ChatGPT due to faculty bans in other courses, or not being aware of ways to use ChatGPT responsibly. All students had at least one piece of inaccurate information in their ChatGPT output, and many appreciated the assignment being an exercise in information literacy. For the fictional child vignette, feedback on the use of ChatGPT was mixed. Some students appreciated the opportunity to learn how to use a labor-saving tool. Other students indicated that the process of editing and fact-checking ChatGPT was more time-consuming than writing the assignment themselves would have been. In the presentation, we will share the logistics of how the assignment was structured, scaffolded, and graded. We will also discuss student feedback on the assignment and how we plan to revise the project in future courses.