Investigating the impact of aroma on cucumber flavor using consumer sensory analysis and quantification of vitamin C content in 220 GWAS cucumbers



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This study investigated the role of aroma in cucumber sensory profiles, key aroma-active compounds related to cucumber flavor, and Vitamin C content in cucumber fruits. A consumer test involving 155 participants evaluated the aroma perception of 8 cucumber varieties with and without a nose clip. Nose clip usage showed lower ratings, with significant differences in over half the attributes (p<0.05). Another consumer test involving 112 participants evaluated four formulated cucumber flavors. The fatty flavor was significantly different across all attributes (p<0.05) and was the least preferred, in contrast to the favored melon-like, cucumber-like, and green/grassy flavors. Lastly, vitamin C analysis of 220 GWAS cucumber fruits using a spectrophotometer at 570 nm revealed higher concentrations in open-field cucumbers (range: 0.73 –29.13 mg/100g; mean: 8.31 mg/100g) compared to greenhouse cucumbers (range: 0.06 – 16.88 mg/100g; mean: 3.49 mg/100g). These findings can give insight to agricultural breeders and markets on traits preferred in cucumbers.

A consumer test was performed to evaluate the importance of aroma using 8 different cucumber juices while another consumer test evaluated consumer acceptance and analyze sensory profile on four created cucumber flavors. Vitamin C content was also analyzed in 220 GWAS cucumbers grown in different environmental conditions (greenhouse and open-field) to determine if any differences in vitamin C concentration was detected.