The Interaction of a Gemini Surfactant with a DNA Quadruplex




Nembaware, Helen
Ginegaw, Alexys
Cummings, Kelsey
Jordan, Alaina
Justice, Payton
Lang, Simone
Caracena, Natalie
Dominguez, Rafaela
Sheardy, Richard D.

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DNA secondary structures are stabilized by mono and divalent cations. To examine the stability of the DNA quadruplex formed from (TTAGGG)4, its interaction with a dicationic Gemini surfactant in standard phosphate buffer was investigated. The Gemini surfactant begins to form micelles in buffer at a cmc (critical micelle concentration) of 1.5 mM. In this study, solutions of DNA, ranging from 1.4 to 11 μM, were prepared in buffer with surfactant concentrations ranging from 0.0 to 3.0 mM - i.e., above and below the cmc of the surfactant. In all samples of DNA and surfactant, a precipitate formed. After centrifugation of these samples, the supernatant was probed for DNA by spectroscopic techniques (UV/Vis and CD). In some samples, all of the DNA had precipitated; in some samples, only a fraction of DNA had precipitated. The formation of the precipitate is a function of [DNA]/[surfactant]. (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Richard Sheardy)