A call to action in Deaf Education: Towards increasingly appropriate programming and a new model of service delivery




Croft, Elizabeth J.

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Service delivery models within the field of Deaf Education have been somewhat controversial in the past in regards to parental involvement, the provision of appropriate supports and services, accessibility, and scope. Current models often seek to address these issues; however, research shows that professionals in the field are still seeking more effective strategies of best practice when it comes to selecting, modifying, and creating service delivery models that will contribute to increasingly successful educational program design and delivery. A review of the literature provides insight into the future path Deaf Education professionals may embark upon based on an integrative approach of combining service delivery model components with business analyst models from other fields, which are discussed throughout. A culturally and linguistically sensitive framework for innovative and holistic practices within a new model of service delivery is presented and a call to action is made.



Bilingual education, Education Policy, Special education, Deaf education