Perceptions and experiences of health for mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder



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The purpose of this study was to interview mothers who had children with an autism spectrum disorder to understand their perceptions and experiences regarding their health. The interview aimed to describe the study question: What are the perceptions and experiences of health for mothers with children with autism? Eleven mothers participated in the study. Two were interviewed in person, nine were interviewed via Zoom, and the conversations were recorded. The transcribed data were analyzed using environmental analysis and phenomenological interpretation. Using an Excel spreadsheet, data were categorized into themes. A second interview was conducted with four mothers via Zoom to validate the findings. The study's findings created two themes under environmental analysis and three under phenomenological interpretation. These themes were nonsupport to support, stillness to rumble, flood of emotions, self-talk, and me-time. Mothers provided recommendations to other mothers who have children with autism spectrum disorder. Implications for nursing research, education, and practice were identified based on the study findings. This study provides a foundation for developing interventions targeting the health and well-being of the mothers. The descriptive data from this study can help construct future observational and experimental research.



Health Sciences, Speech Pathology