The Wage Gap in America for Minorities: Gender and Race




Lazarus, Bethany
Moyle, Liliana
Kuruvilla, Kevin

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The majority of white men in America typically earn more than men and women of any other race such as Hispanic, Black, Native American women, etc. For instance, given that both the women and men have the same occupation and set of qualifications, it is noticeable that both of them get paid differently. Women of color in STEM careers overall only earn a percentage of a white man's salary. Black women in the United States are more prone to being paid less than 21% less on average than white women. Hispanic women get paid on an average of about 55 cents for every dollar paid to a white and or non-Hispanic man. Native American women are being paid about 60 cents for every dollar a white and or non-Hispanic man makes. There are programs that will be explored to solve this problem.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium