Where's Walden? - A Dance Film




McAlister, Barbara

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“Where’s Walden?” is a dance film that seeks to bring the viewer behind the camera to experience the work of creating a work - the exertion, exhaustion, disappointment, and sometimes futility involved in unfolding an idea from imagination toward fulfilment. Throughout the work, the artist can be seen in-process: toting her tools, taking documentation, and traversing the beach with her ladder in tow as she scouts locations to set up shots from a variety of angles. Using the natural progression from enthusiasm and energetic pursuit toward physical exhaustion and a building sense of futile frustration in her relentless trek across soft sand, this work traces the artist’s shifting relationship with her tools and environment as she attempts to bring to bear her original idea while confronting realities of feasibility and physics.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium