A comparison of two computer-assisted cognitive training program outcomes for breast cancer survivors: A pilot study




Smith, Theresa M.
Ratcliff, Karen

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Korean Society of Occupational Therapy


PURPOSE: Breast cancer survivors(BCS) have memory, attention, processing speed, and/or executive function impairment affecting their quality of life(QOL) and function. Study aims were: (1) compare computer-assisted cognitive training with visual exercises to one with audio+ visual exercises, and (2) gain insight into the relationship between engagement in meaningful activities, cognitive deficits and QOL.

METHODS: This pilot study used an experimental design with 24 women. Pre and post measures assessed working memory, perceived cognition, QOL and engagement in meaningful activities.

RESULTS: Treatment effects were not significant for working memory or engagement in meaningful activities. Visual group participants scored significantly better on perceived cognitive function posttest test(M = 91.62, SD = 21.75) than pretest(M = 74.48, SD = 29.00), p = .010 and significantly higher on QOL posttest(M = 6.42, SD = 1.27) than pretest(M = 5.60, SD = 1.76), p = .004. Pretest perceived cognitive function was significantly associated with pretest(ρ = .617, p < .001) and posttest(ρ = .436, p < .05) QOL.

CONCLUSION: Computer-assisted cognitive training with visual exercises appears to improve perceived cognitive function and QOL for BCS. A positive relationship exists between perceived cognitive function and QOL.



Breast cancer survivors, Cognitive deficits, Computer-assisted cognitive training, Memory, Quality of life


This is the published version of an article that is available at https://doi.org/10.14519/kjot.2019.27.3.11. Recommended citation: Smith, T. M., & Ratcliff, K. (2019). A comparison of two computer-assisted cognitive training program outcomes for Breast Cancer Survivors: A pilot study. Journal of Korean Society of Occupational Therapy, 27(3), 145–156. This item has been deposited in accordance with publisher copyright and licensing terms and with the author’s permission.