Relationship Between Bone Mineral Density & Muscle Strength Related to Protein Intake & Polypharmacy: Elderly, Greater than 55 Years of Age

Shepperd, Kelsey Nixon
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Texas Woman s University

This study is part of a fall prevention study on osteoporosis and parameters relating to bone mineral density. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between protein intake, and polypharmacy (number of medications consumed) on bone mineral density and muscle strength in the elderly, 55 years and older. Thirty-one members from the Seniors in Motion facility completed a 3 day diet analysis to determine protein intake and had bone mineral density measured. The number of medications varied from one to nine medications daily. The most common types of medications consumed included: blood pressure medications (12%), antacids (8%), and blood thinners (8%). In this study there was no significant difference between those consuming a low protein intake (< 0.8 g/kg), moderate protein intake (0.8 - 1.1 g/kg), and high protein intake (> 1.2 g/kg) and total bone mineral density and total hip bone mineral density. There was also no correlation between bone mineral density and polypharmacy.

Nutrition, Health sciences, Gerontology, Nutrition