Ozonation in laundry treatments

Strickland, Connie Frances
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the ability to use ozonation as a replacement for, or to reduce the amount of chlorine used in the commercial laundry industry, with possible concomitant reductions in chemical, water, and energy usage. This investigation attempted to prove that ozonation aids in soil and stain removal.

EMPA and TFI soil and stain strips were laundered using five different laundry formulas. The effects of the five laundry formulas were examined. The laundered test strips were evaluated for soil and stain removal using a Hunterlab Tristimulus Colorimeter Model D25M-9. The data were analyzed by means of a one-way analysis of variance followed by a post hoc test for mean differences.

Colorimeter evaluation of the EMPA test strips revealed a significant difference between some laundry formulas. Some of the formulas not using ozone produced the greatest removal of soil on the blood stain and the red wine stain. Evaluations of the TFI test strips revealed no significant differences between laundry formulas.

Applied sciences, Chlorine substitute, Halogenated organics